A World Federation Would Bring Lasting Solutions To Global Issues

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A World Federation Would Bring Lasting Solutions To Global Issues


Canada’s desire to have a larger role in the UN is well meant and should be executed but unfortunately little will be achieved. The UN is a weak and organizationally flawed organization with no real power or influence.

Unless the world unites as a federation, as a whole, it will be very difficult to stop our future generations to suffer calamities on a proportion which this globe has never been exposed to before.

Some may say it’s the only thing we have, which I too tend to agree wholeheartedly but we should also strive to achieve something far more better, a powerful body that could find solutions to the enormous issues this world is facing today and will soon in the future.

Humanity is heading towards a collision course of its own making and none of the proposed remedies out there are going to help.

Unless the world unites as a federation, as a whole, it will be very difficult to stop our future generations to suffer calamities on a proportion which this globe has never been exposed to before. One example is climate change. New models now predict the possibility of flooding occurring at major cities at a much faster pace than was thought before.

World Federation does not mean anything like the United Nations or a Union like the European one we have today. Not even close.

It simply means that all states of the world should submit constitutionally part of their sovereignty to a higher body, the World Federation, which will be represented proportionally by elected people from each country. One of the most important parts of this concept here is that these elected members will NOT be representing their countries or answering to them but will be drawing inevitably from their experiences of their origins and the regions they have lived in.

The body will have absolute legislative, executive and judicial authority on well-defined international matters such as safety for all world citizens meaning stopping wars, diseases, money laundering, narcotics and human trafficking, unnecessary and dangerous militarization.

It will be deciding on solving environmental issues by legislation and enforcing it by imposing restrictions and penalties who do not heed the rules. It will find ways to distribute resources including energy, food and water in a fair and just way. Not only limited to distributing resources, which would be a temporary solution, it will strive to find ways for underdeveloped countries to be self-sustainable by assisting them in receiving know how, financial resources and expertise to reach their goals.

It would even fund technologies and innovations that could lift humanity to reach its goals which is ultimately Human Prosperity.

No human being should be privileged just because he or she was born into a developed country that has more than adequate resources, just as no person should be left starving or deprived from all basics of living conditions because they were born into a region with appalling conditions. Whether you are religious or non-religious, there is no philosophy or belief in this world that would accept this unfairness.

The supreme justice tribunal of this body will have absolute authority to decide and to rule on international disputes. It would even have an international coalition of troops that would be ready to engage and enforce laws that are ignored or rejected.

It’s simply too late now to look beyond for other solutions.

Just be clear, I am not proposing abandoning one’s cultural identity, language, ancestry or country. Actually being of different cultures and races is the beauty of humanity and its driving force. One should remain to be a proud American, Canadian, Chinese, Christian, Jew, Buddhist or Muslim and preserve his or her traditions, religion, culture and language. Nobody is talking of a stirred and well blended melting pot. The proposed solution enhances unity in diversity rather than taking away from it.

The World Federation also is not meant to interfere or decide upon matters which require regional or local focus. Many aspects on how to manage education, health or some taxation matters would be a few examples of local governance.

It’s simply too late now to look beyond for other solutions. We don’t need large scale wars or calamities to unite. We are now at a mature stage of humankind so surely we can do this. All it takes is a handful of visionary leaders who will remain forever in the golden pages of world history by succeeding in conveying to their own people the urgency to have a united body.

It will take a decade or more but when future generations look back, they will understand and will be grateful why we did it.


Auteur: poldergriet

" Informatie is de munteenheid van de democratie" ~~Ralph Nader & Thomas Jefferson ~~ Aangezien onze democratie al lange tijd... sinds WOII....nog steeds overschaduwd is door een Nazi-regiem-gemodificeerde Nederlandse Grondwet, verkies ik om mijn naam op dit blog niet te gebruiken. Ik streef er dan ook naar om op vreedzame wijze zo veel mogelijk informatie te delen, die ertoe kan bijdragen om inzicht te krijgen in vele zaken, die voor de gewone burger en de overheidsinstellingen zo veel mogelijk uit de publiciteit gehouden worden. Het is dan ook onmogelijk om juiste beslissingen te nemen, wanneer je niet kunt weten "waar de klepel hangt" Klokkenluiders zijn dan ook zeer noodzakelijk. Dan kun je in ieder geval weten van welke richting (waarschuwende) signalen en tekens aan de wand komen. Uiteindelijk is in het leven een ieder zelf verantwoordelijk voor welke beslissing dan ook.

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