Germany Inside Europe: Rooting out the corruption exposed in the Panama papers



The Panama Papers revealed the hidden offshore assets of around 140 of the world’s elite. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel called for greater transparency. The Berlin-based anti-corruption NGO Transparency International is campaigning for governments around the world to cooperate in setting up a global public registry of company ownership. Mike Mühlberger went to meet them to find out more.
Listen to audio 04:17 –Date 07.04.2016

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Inside Europe: Pirate Party reacts to Panama Papers in Iceland 07.04.2016

Inside Europe, produced 07.04.16 07.04.2016

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Panama papers: Scandal or just hot air? 07.04.2016

While the revelations in the “Panama Papers” are being reviewed by several state prosecutors, critics of the leak say that it’s a media storm without much real substance.

Icelandic PM Gunnlaugsson resigns in wake of ‘Panama Papers’ scandal 05.04.2016

Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson has offered his resignation after initially resisting pressure to step down. The prime minister was among those caught up in a worldwide scandal following the release of the “Panama Papers.”

Tax investigations launched over ‘Panama Papers’ revelations 04.04.2016

Naming politicians, sports stars and others using offshore tax havens in the ‘Panama Papers’ leak of documents has offered an unprecedented look into how the elite conceal money. Tax authorities have started to react.

Russia’s Putin calls Panama Papers a western media disinformation campaign 07.04.2016

In his first comments on the document leaks, Putin has denied any involvement in corruption. Although not directly mentioned in the documents, media outlets have sought to implicate Putin through his associates.


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