BREAKING – PIZZAGATE Investigation May Indicate RARE Eye Anomaly In Children Linked To Soros

Published on 4 Dec 2016

This story comes from someone who is investigating PizzaGate on Voat.Co. These folks are doing amazing work and should be applauded.
Before I present the photo to you, here is the brief background: someone suggested that very wealthy political figures are into the blood of children, because they believe it allows them to live longer. Some kind of new science that they’re exploring.

So some of the children are taken, according to this hypothesis, and kept alive for blood harvesting. I have not been able to substantiate this, so I can’t say whether I am ready to accept it yet.

But with that context in mind, it was pointed out that Madeiline McCann has an extremely rare genetic anomaly that maybe only 1% or 2% of children have (correction: it’s actually much rarer; a researcher pointed out its incidence is LESS THAN 0.0001%). It is indicated by the deformity in her eye, something unique about her blood composition or DNA.

She was also, apparently, born in vitro and there are questions surrounding her paternity.

A coloboma (from the Greek koloboma, meaning defect[1]) is a hole in one of the structures of the eye, such as the iris, retina, choroid, or optic disc. The hole is present from birth and can be caused when a gap called the choroid fissure, which is present during early stages of prenatal development, fails to close up completely before a child is born. The classical description in medical literature is of a key-hole shaped defect. A coloboma can occur in one eye (unilateral) or both eyes (bilateral). Most cases of coloboma affect only the iris. People with coloboma may have no vision problems or may be blind, depending on severity. It affects less than one in every 10,000 births.


Auteur: poldergriet

" Informatie is de munteenheid van de democratie" ~~Ralph Nader & Thomas Jefferson ~~ Aangezien onze democratie al lange tijd... sinds WOII....nog steeds overschaduwd is door een Nazi-regiem-gemodificeerde Nederlandse Grondwet, verkies ik om mijn naam op dit blog niet te gebruiken. Ik streef er dan ook naar om op vreedzame wijze zo veel mogelijk informatie te delen, die ertoe kan bijdragen om inzicht te krijgen in vele zaken, die voor de gewone burger en de overheidsinstellingen zo veel mogelijk uit de publiciteit gehouden worden. Het is dan ook onmogelijk om juiste beslissingen te nemen, wanneer je niet kunt weten "waar de klepel hangt" Klokkenluiders zijn dan ook zeer noodzakelijk. Dan kun je in ieder geval weten van welke richting (waarschuwende) signalen en tekens aan de wand komen. Uiteindelijk is in het leven een ieder zelf verantwoordelijk voor welke beslissing dan ook.

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